Purewater ensures that water is fit for purpose by providing water management support for various commercial industries including Marine, Oil & Gas, Leisure and Distilling industries.


We confidently support our clients by ensuring that all statutory requirements are fulfilled, offering solutions for the provision of safe drinking water and more.

Currently we offer the following services below - please get in touch if you have any other requirements not listed.

  • Legionella risk assessments

  • Water system audits

  • Plumbing & heating services

  • Chemical & microbiological
    laboratory testing

  • Tank & down services disinfections

  • Tank cleaning and repairs

  • Dosage & control equipment,supply & install

  • Water makers, supply & install

  • Backflow protection devices

  • Pipework upgrades & alterations


We pride ourselves with providing high levels of project performance and by continually assessing our working techniques, our clients can therefore be safe in the knowledge that we will provide excellent results with minimal disruption, allowing business to resume production as normal, minimizing down time.


“Purewater delivered our project on time and under budget while ensuring a high standard of work with minimum disruption to operations. Good job Guys!!”

Simon Davis - Project Manager